Popular Birthday Party Ideas

We have picked some popular birthday party ideas to help you plan the perfect party for your child’s birthday:

1. Barbie and Ken birthday party

Barbie, a girl’s best friend and Ken (also a girl’s best friend) have been around for ages, it seems. Well, they are still top of the list birthday party celebrities and if you want to spoil your girl, throw in a handsome young boy (even if it’s her brother)!

2. Batman birthday party

Batman begins, Batman again, Batman forever… As long as he lives — caped crusader will fight the evil forces of the joker and the penguin man. If you really want to have a smashing batman party, let robin join the show and take out the bad guys.

3. Birthday construction party

If you want to have the neighborhood staring through their windows, have your home strung in “caution” tape and add to this flashing safety lights. This will really have the boys in cloud number 9, when they can wear their hard hats and belts with tools while “working” on the construction site you have prepared.

4. Disney princess party

You will have to build a “castle” for this theme off course. If you have a large entrance hall, decorate it with swirls of streamers and balloons.

5. Dora the explorer party

A Dora the explorer party should be fun as well as educational, seeing that Dora the explorer is a girl who loves to search, discover, and learn about and share with others.

6. Hello kitty party

Hello Kitty likes her tea parties, her scrumptious sweets, and her crafts. At a Hello Kitty party, you can have plenty of all three!

7. Incredible party

The Incredible, super hero family is back! A whole new adventure begins as long as you stick to the story!

8. Spider man party

Spiderman has captured the imagination of people for decades and the costumes are getting better and better. You will have to build a “lab” in your home (preferably the playroom), cause this is where the good doctor became the evil villain.

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