(Tap, tap, tap) …is this thing on?

An ahh-mazing photo of me on a “busman’s holiday,” courtesy of Metrowest Daily News

So, I joined Medium. Finally. I suppose I should write some things down, so as to make them more accessible to, uh, people.

[Self: “What kinds of things?”]

Um. Well, I self-identify (you should know, self) as a software engineer, and as an engineering manager. So, maybe, “my journeys in software development.” Or something like that.

[Self: “Ooookay, then. What kinds of people?”]

I don’t know. Whoever reads Medium? Maybe that’s too broad. Hmm. Whoever is involved in software development? That might be too limiting. Oh, I know! People who like to read about politics!

[Self: “Whoa, whoa, there. Hold a sec. Back up.”]

Right. Software development, it is. Development, and its friends-and-relations too; you know… quality, support, documentation, training, quality… Did I mention quality? And management. And, leadership. In, uh, software, development.

[Self: “Geez, you’re all over the map. It might help to indicate a topic, and stick to that, next time. Just saying.”]


[Self: “Wait a minute. Don’t you already have a web site? Why don’t you just write a blog on that?”]

Well, as it happens, I do, http://www.flatearthstudio.com. But, that’s for my iOS apps “hobby.” It’s not exactly designed to draw traffic; obviously I suck at marketing. Plus, I’m not a Name. So. There’s that. And that. I figure, by using Medium, I have a spitting chance of being followed, and read. From time to time. Maybe. I don’t know.

[Self: “P.S. please tell me you’re not going to repeat this kind of inner dialog in future posts.”]

I make no guarantees.

OK. Now, check out this cute picture of me with one of my dogs, Bree:

Bree “halping” daddy write code

Tap, tap, tap… “Hello!”

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