What Do You Most Fear?

Leonard Kim

Being through absolutely everything in life, I have come to dismiss almost all my fears.

Two remain, both new and never felt before.

The first would be the fear of death. I used to never feel like death could be scary at all. I felt that I was invincible. That I would live forever. That slowly changed, as I quickly watched how i could fall down a forty foot cliff. One wrong move and I would cease to exist. The situation was so intense, that after I was saved by a kind stranger, my life had flashed before my eyes.

The second would be heights. This is something that is buried deep within my subconscious mind. I have no control over it at all. Whenever I’m on a ladder or at a high altitude, my legs shake uncontrollably. I feel fine. Everything looks okay. I don’t consciously feel fear. Yet, when I jumped over a fence and broke two bones in my ankle, my subconscious mind just shatters to pieces in fear and forces me to act insecure and without any control in a situation that I used to be okay with.

These are my only two fears.

However, in the past, I feared many things.

I feared not being able to get the love of my life back.

I feared being alone forever.

I feared being poor and unable to reach my dreams.

I feared being seen as a scam, for being someone who was completely fake, untrue to myself.

I feared losing my soul.

I feared losing all my friends.

I feared missing my goals.

I feared failing others, especially myself.

I feared losing absolutely everything I had.

Yet, all of these happened, at some point and time. I made it through all of these without a problem.

Then two new fears arose. Two fears that I might never be able to overcome…

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Leonard Kim

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