As many of you know, Sketch has been around for a few years and it changed the way many of us designed apps, UI and graphical assets. However, Sketch is also powerful in doing other things, like device renders.

How I discovered this

Now I’m assuming that most hardware companies have a designer or a team of industrial designers that can create renders in realistic lighting and angles. They can definitely make them look sexy.

However if this is not the case and resource is limited, sometimes you just have to use what you know and try to recreate it in the best possible…

Sony Aibo ers 311 — released in 2001

Working at a company that works with many partners, I’m lucky enough to be able to see many different ways we can connect things together to improve our homes with the Internet Of Things. August makes smart locks that are the first to be able to communicate to all the virtual assistants, from Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. This reminds me of the emerging robotic companies that are coming to homes today.

Growing up, I’ve been an enthusiast of technology and robotics. It all started when I had the fascination with the Sony Aibo (Artificial Intelligent Robotics) robotic dogs. I…

Kevin Lessy

Ex-Product Designer of August Home | IG: @ mrlessy |

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