Rejuvenate Your Skin with LED Red Light Therapy

Now revitalize your skin with painless LED skin therapy. LED red light therapy is a latest treatment for skin repair and it brings precise dosages of energy to the skin to simultaneously heal collagen in the dermis. LED therapy used for the treatment of wrinkles, irregular skin tone, sun damage, rosacea and inflammatory acne. It has ability to increase energy inside cell that results in quick healing process.

It is an efficacious approach for reversing the signs of aging and this treatment also helps acne sufferers by removing redness and inflammation related with acne breakouts. Earlier red LED facial treatment was done only by doctors and spas but now, many effective red light therapy skin rejuvenation devices are now available in the market.

This innovative therapy was discovered by NASA about 40 years ago to simulate plant growth.NASA adopted this therapy for repairing the injuries incurred by astronauts while in space because in a zero gravity environment, cell growth is very slow and red light energy stimulate the metabolism in muscle and bone as well as skin and subcutaneous tissue. According to the biologists the cells that are exposed to LED light grows 150 to 200 percent fast.

How does it work?

Red light therapy is a very effective and painless technique that only treats the needed areas while leaving the nearby tissues unharmed. LED’s indicates the body to convert light energy into cell energy without any damage and uneasiness. Red wavelengths along with some certain infrared wavelengths increase the cellular activity at the dermal level by targeting underlying hemoglobin and with the transfer of the correct wavelengths of LED light, these dermal cells obtain a rejuvenating, anti-aging enhancement from the light energy.

Benefits of LED Red Light Therapy

  1. It is safe for all kinds of skin
  2. It helps in skin rejuvenation
  3. It reduces fine line and wrinkles
  4. Minimizes dark circles and sun burn
  5. It heals redness caused by eczema ,rosacea and acne
  6. It give long term results
  7. It is much safer than other cosmetic surgeries and other laser therapies

How safe is this therapy?

LED Red light therapy for Acne is very mild and safe process as it don’t cause skin inflammation and also it doesn’t requires skin post treatments but you need to take some precaution while conducting this therapy

Precautions to be taken:-

  1. Avoid using this therapy on infected areas, wounds and open sores
  2. Use of Glycolic Acid or AHA products should be avoided
  3. Do not use if pregnant, or taking cortisone or steroid injections


Go for painless LED red light skin therapy and get a flawless and glowing skin. This therapy is far better than any plastic surgery and Botox injections. Avoid going under knife and rejuvenate your skin with this relaxing and safe skin treatment.