I want to become a software engineer because I want to be part of shaping the future, have a better quality of life, and to help my community. I feel like it would make me a better role model for my children, so that they might aspire for more.

Shaping the future. There are so many things going on in the tech world right now, to think that I could be a part of it. There is constantly new breakthroughs coming out in every possible field you can think of. From medicine, education, automotive and even astronomical. Imagine that I created a program that by testing your blood it can map out any illness that you will get in your life. Such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer. Or invented a device that will allow you to learn as you sleep. Giving you access to different parts of your brain normally inaccessible. Imagine a vehicle that is more like your chauffeur and personal assistant. Not only can it drive you (while you sleep) to any destination just by voice commanding the address but could also send emails, make phone calls, schedule appointments all through voice commands and syncing through your phone. What if I wrote a program were the algorithms allowed new search patterns for drones, or invented something that could travel farther then we have ever traveled. I could be responsible for the discovery of life in another planet. These are but a few of the ever vast and endless possibilities from my imagination. who knows what someone else could imagine and I could be a part of creating. Only the future can tell.

A better quality of life. Since I can remember I have been what is referred to as lower class or lower middle class. Growing up I felt the distress of shopping with my single mother for groceries. Using foodstamps and WIC vouchers. i felt the mortification as people starred when using these things at the grocery store. I felt the shame as not only having the “right” clothes but also of not having sufficient clothing. I told myself when I became an adult it wouldn’t be this way. I said to myself that I would not only have all that I need but also that which I desire. For a short time that was the case. I had a”decent” job, however my family grew and the rent quadrupled and I lost my job. Combination of these events, not only forced my family to move from San Francisco to Oakland in an undesirable location but also forced us to change our lifestyle dramatically, and I once again feel the discomposure of being unable to provide things, not for myself like before but for my children and my partner. I know now that what I seek is a career with a future, somewhere where I not only look forward to getting up and going to work everyday but that also gives my family the life they deserve. I have researched many schools and I know that there are a lot of great coding boot camps such as dev boot camp. Unfortunately I don’t have $15–20 thousand dollars laying around. In my research I found a couple schools that seem to be really good and did not require an up in front investment. From these schools and my research Holberton seems to be the best to me and I believe it would fit me the best.

Helping my community. Though I may feel at times that I’ve had a tough situation, I know that everything I have gone through does not compare to what others have gone through. So many people have had much more hard time and difficult situations than I. Knowing that once I become an engineer and even before that I intend to giveback by helping others learn code, being a mentor, helping out in any way possible. I would donate my time and efforts to non profits and local groups such as BMOC , Black Girls Code and more, because I feel “from what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~Arthur Ashe

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