How I first started to make money online without much investment

During my mid twenties back in 2012, I had a full time job as Marketing Database Analyst for Mount Airy Casino Resort in PA.

This is me inside of my small cubicle at the time. My salary was only $33,000 a year. I was living check to check but was happy that I at least got paid every Friday. I got tired of my boss yelling at me when I made any mistakes and people saying “Darius is always late to work” or “Darius always on his phone, he needs more work to do!”. I became worried that I would get fired at any moment.

I was thinking with the internet and all the advanced technology we now have now, there has to be a way that I can become self employed. I wanted to work for myself and replace the current salary I was earning. I wanted to be my own boss and tell others what tasks to get done for me. There just had to be a different route I can take. So I started searching online…

One day I learned about

It looks way different than it does today.

I was intrigued at first and excited because I found a website that sells online businesses. After going through all the different websites I finally found one that I really liked. The domain was and it was a custom coded starter website. The established websites was way out of my budget. This starter site was selling fake followers and fake likes for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter was growing fast at the time. I contacted the seller and bought the website for only $80. The seller told me that the website was custom coded but that I should learn how to use Wordpress installed on a hosting website and digital marketing. Great advice!

Unfortunately the site I bought did not make me enough to quit my job. My first customer was a club promoter. He wanted to get more followers and likes. I told him they would be fake but the profiles connected to the likes and followers would look real.

His Instagram account went from 1,000 followers to over 10,000 followers. He kept ordering likes for every new post. He then sent me a referral, which was one of his friends who was a real estate agent.

Now I got a second customer! I was excited! I just added a few hundred dollars a month on top of my salary income. I only got a few more customers until I decided to try to flip it back on I had a feeling this web business was only good for short term and that the social media sites would be battling fake followers and fake likes in the future. I was right!

I re-listed back on Flippa and it kept getting bids. From $1 all the way up to $1400. It included the customers and revenue. So not only did I make my first dollar from online but I had my first biggest flip!

Right after I started reading more about digital marketing and learned how to use and their plugins. I started off using HostGator then BlueHost until I found which is still my favorite hosting to use till this day. Very fast!

I started a site called SocialKloud which focused on social media management. Learned that I didn’t really care for managing people’s social media accounts. So I flipped it for an undisclosed amount.

Then I started KickRank which was my crowdfunding marketing agency that focused on helping Kickstarter campaigns get more traffic and contributions by utilizing digital marketing and PR.

I enjoyed helping campaign owners during pre-launch and after they launch. I added web design to the services too since I got really good at using Wordpress and bought themes from

Once I had KickRank running I was able to resign from my job. It was ranked top 3 on Google and Bing at the time for “crowdfunding marketing agency”, “crowdfunding marketing services”, “Kickstarter marketing services”, and for more crowdfunding related keywords. I partnered with an SEO expert to keep it ranking for many different keywords. KickRank became my biggest flip ever for an undisclosed amount in my 20s.

I was also selling my web design services to other niches like real estate, law, restaurants, and more. I worked for my self for 5 years after I resigned. I found out that my old boss got fired about 1 year after I quit. Crazy! I know they would of fired me easily then.

So Flippa started my path of becoming my own boss and making money online.

Then I learned about

It looks way different than it does today.

A marketplace where I could sell my services and upsell services. I still have my Fiverr account even though I don’t sell on Fiverr anymore. I mostly hire freelancers on Upwork but I still order services on sometimes.

My services on Fiverr was “I will promote your crowdfunding campaign on Facebook and Twitter”. Also I will write a review for your product on Amazon. Of course the Amazon gig was big at the time. I was getting FREE products from Amazon Sellers and leaving them verified reviews. I was making $15 a review instead of just $5. Eventually Fiverr shut down my review gigs because of Amazon becoming more strict on product reviews. It was great while it lasted!

I made almost $4,000 on Fiverr. I just mostly re-invested the money into buying other gigs that helped my online business. Another gig I did was buy a PLR package that came with a lot of articles that writers can re-write. I bought it for only $1 on a website that I forgot what the domain was but I was selling it on Fiverr for $5. I got a lot of good reviews on Fiverr. I was a 2nd level seller at the time. I lost that ranking after I unpublished my gigs.

I almost had 400 reviews on Fiverr and a 4.8 rating out of 5.0 which was very good. Flippa and Fiverr was a great combo for me when I was in my mid twenties. I don’t sell on Flippa and Fiverr anymore but it was an awesome journey!

Now I am in my early thirties and focusing on my startup company that matches business owners with the best dedicated ad campaign managers for their industry.

I also have another project I’m working on which is an affiliate/e-commerce site. Plus I do options trading with Robinhood. I just love hustling and making money online.

Are you tired of your job or living paycheck to paycheck?

Technology and the internet is even more advanced than when I first started. I recommend having a job to invest into your own side business or hustle.

Let your job motivate you to work harder on the side so one day it can replace your job’s income.

What can you do to start making money online without much investment?

  1. Sell a service on Upwork or Fiverr.

2. Buy or sell websites and even apps now on Flippa.

3. Start your own website selling your services or products using Wordpress themes from

4. Sell products using

5. Hire someone to create your new app idea.

6. Sell products on Ebay or Amazon that you can buy in your local area.

7. Start a blog and write articles that you are passionate about.

8. Start a Youtube channel because people love watching videos then promote and get sponsorships.

9. Launch a Podcast using platforms such as

10. White label products with your own brand name and promote it!

11. Start streaming yourself playing your favorite games on Twitch or Mixer.

12. Trade stocks and options while on the go with Robinhood (We both get a FREE stock if you use my link) HERE

We have more opportunities than ever before. Opportunities that our parents and grandparents did not have so just get started. Take action!

If you want some advice or just want to chat then message me on Instagram or Linkedin

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