Download: An Eye for a Naira (EP.)

Hi guys,

I just put together my first rap project. It’s an EP titled An Eye for a Naira.

An Eye for a Naira is a play on one of Moses’ Law -an eye for an eye. And the project is inspired by true events.

Here’s what an eye for a Naira means: Abandoning one’s visions or dreams (call that the inner eye) and settling for anything else just for profit. Putting aside one’s dignity so one can keep up appearances.

Naira here isn’t only about money, it represents anything superficial that takes the place of the ideal- thereby short-changing ourselves.

It’s a seven track EP you’ll enjoy. And I will appreciate feedback from you.

Please if you find it just as enjoyable and lyrical as you like your rap kindly help share with friends, acquaintances and platforms you have access to.

Thanks for taking time-out to read this and here are alternative download links:

1. Zip folder

2. Soundcloud

3. Audiomack



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