Like many of you, I spend a lot of time thinking about the deep questions of life. The answers I find to these questions are deeply personal and I rarely share them with people other than my closest family members. Recently, I decided that I will not let the negativity of internet users keep me from sharing my beliefs with the world. I have two great passions in life: politics and my faith. My training as a political scientist guides the way I view politics. My political world is empirical, theory driven and unemotional. My religious world is very different. I find it very difficult to logically understand many aspects of my faith, empirical research contradicts as often as it confirms important doctrinal tenants, and my belief is firmly rooted in that which I cannot observe.

While my religious world is not really emotional, it is guided less by reason than by conviction. As I ponder, pray, and study holy scriptures on a regular basis I develop a relationship with God. He is a personal, heavenly being with whom I can commune and have a personal relationship. I firmly believe that everyone on this earth can have a similar relationship with Him. I also believe that each of us receives individual guidance and direction from God in our lives and that we can all benefit from hearing these stories. So, I can believe that God speaks to me and that He speaks to you and that He will not necessarily give us the exact same message.

I plan to use this forum to discuss both my political views from a scientific, non-emotional perspective and to share my personal beliefs. I look forward to your feedback.

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