Using ES6 array destructing with Promises

Manuel Romero
Jun 6, 2016 · 2 min read

As you know, some months ago, it was announced the new features of ES6 or EcmaScript2015. In the beginning not all of them were implemented by some browsers or Node.js, but we had tools like Babel.js to allow us to program in ES6 and then it would translate the code to ES5.

I am a Node.js developer and when I read the list of new features of ES6, there was one of them that could help me to continue fighting against callback hell and improve the readability of Promises. In particular, the readability of Promise.all() that, as we know, launches an array of promises in parallel. This feature is array destructing.

This is the way I worked with Promise.all() before using ES6 array destructing:

In the code above, we have 3 promises that can be launched in parallel: the first is to get the user’s basic information. The second is to get the number of friends of the user and the last one to get the user’s skills.

As we can see, the variable that contains the result of the Promise.all() function is named results. Results is an array with so many positions as promises were sent as parameter to Promise.all(). Moreover, the result of the first promise goes in the first position of the array, the result of the second promise goes in the second position and so on.

But what I did to improve readability was assigning each result (position) of the array to a new variable. Because access to results[n] is not meaningful.

Now, let’s see how it can be done directly with ES6 array destructing:

In the code above, I give a name for each position of the array. These names are the variables that we can manage in the callback. This way we save code and the most important thing, we write readable code easy to understand and easy to maintain.

PS: The two snippets in this post were tested under Node v6.

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