Truth is Temporary

I like to believe that each of us has our own essence, an amalgamation of beliefs, principles, and virtues that attempt to guide us towards our truest selves. This essence, it is unique to the individual; the product of our life experiences, and is an expression of purpose, truth.

It is also fluid, changing through each phase of life as we grow, mature, relocate, and reprioritize. As a teenager we may value sex and social status, but as we pass into mid-life, perhaps family and community take precedent. Or, vice versa. The particulars of individual truth or how it manifests are beyond the scope of this thought.

But, what is essential is the awareness that if essence is able to change, or fluid, perhaps the force that drives it is similarly indefinite. In other words, truth is temporary. The means by which we transmute experience into purpose and the nature of our purpose will change as our circumstances change. Whether it be age, geography, family status, or orientation; we change through time and it stands to reason that purpose, truth, changes as well.

More importantly, if we fight against change, we may be acting out against our truth.

What’s the point?

Change. Everything will change and it is important to internalize that fact if we hope to flow and respond gracefully despite the gifts or garbage life throws our way.

Finally, this means that finding our truth, settling into its cozy grasp, is not where we learn to manifest essence. Rather, it is the journey towards truth that allows us to grow and thrive in accordance with our beliefs, principles, and virtues, our essence. When we seek change, act on our own behalf, purpose follows.

The truth is temporary, change is inevitable, but if embrace the search for truth we can find a purpose that transcends the externalities, circumstances of life that threaten wellbeing.

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