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What is Agile? What’s a test? How do I debug things and how much does Heroku rock?

Recently I was asked to explain “What a developer actually does during the day?” to a group of new recruitment consultants. I have also been asked since leaving Investment Banking what the difference between the enterprise and cloud software stacks looks like, so I put together a quick presentation and have run through it a few times since the initial request. Feedback was positive so I thought I would screencast it and share with those interested.


It probably suits those that are a bit tech already, but it might also suit managers who have not touched technology for a while, or to recent graduates wondering why so little coding takes place for all the organising. Those that have not had the pleasure of working with such great IaaS technologies like Sentry, Heroku and New Relic will marvel and the cost and capabilities that these platforms offer. I was when I started using them. Everyone loves a list so here are the tools covered:

The screencast covers Agile vs Waterfall, what Stand-ups are about, the software development lifecycle, some minor coding and debugging, a bit around TDD, how to deploy and monitor software and a few closing thoughts around motivations for software developers. Seasoned developers will not get much technical out of the talk, but perhaps a little about how to communicate our profession and skills in a way that non technical people can understand. As devs we have a tendency to overcomplicate, instead of simplify, especially when we talk to others, like our users! ☺

I hope you enjoy. Thanks to Jan Jones and the amazing people @Oozou for giving us great advice on our journey, if you want pure Ruby awesomeness…look no further.

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