Chapter x: Descent

Alternate Universe of an ongoing novel

It was a repetitive cycle for Desmond these days. The resident DJ was playing a mix of EDM and 90’s music, possibly thinking highly of himself for coming up with such an presumably unique idea. The bar was quiet despite that. The dance floor was empty as the local patriots wasted themselves away in their bar seats. Ice was the most precious of all stones that night as the cold cubes waddled within shots of bourbon or whiskey or something just as hard and bitter. As much as he wanted to deny that he was a level above that and that he just wanted to have fun, he could not. It cannot be helped. How could he when he just watched the love of his life be whisked away the nth time by his best friend. With a sneer and a silent growl, Desmond swallowed the shot of whiskey that he was nursing before raising his finger to the bartender for another. The liquid usually burned an inferno in his throat whenever he did that but, during that time, he was too numb to care.

The mind was truly a piece of work. All he could recall was how Edgar’s arm snaked around Millicent’s lace-clad waist as he led her out of the building and flippantly waved him good bye.

His mind was an extra piece of work. He could have sworn that he saw Millicent looked longingly back at him as they left. She gave him one guilty glance one second and also gave Edgar a flirtatious one one second after with the mere shrouding of her long lashes. Of course, that thought of his must have been caused by the alcohol. Also, maybe, that was his wishful thinking acting up again. A minuscule part of him wanted to believe that it was real. Millicent wanted him and not Edgar. He wanted to believe that he did not imagine it.

Not that he was a sore loser. Desmond was a handsome human being. He knew it. By the stares of every woman and some men in the bar, they knew it too. He could have anyone that he wanted. The problem was that the one that he wanted just left the building.

He was savouring his third shot (he started to count again after they left) while watching a group of young women move to the dance floor. His green eyes were particularly on a petite girl wearing an even more petite dress as she swayed her hips as if it was made of the finest silk. He subtly wondered how much product did she put on her hair to stop it from frizzing as she bobbed her head in tune to the music. Millicent never cared for hair products. He remembered how they argued about her hygiene when she refused to use the hair styling set that he bought her two months ago.

The woman had a small waist and it showed as she moved with abandonment on the dance floor. Desmond quirked his eyebrow at the flash of red lace peaking underneath the very short dress. Oh how he loved the color. The redder the better. How many nights did he fantasized about running his fingers along that wavy mass of her blood red hair as he thrust ruthlessly, smirking as her red lips screamed his name?

After downing his fifth shot, Desmond stood up and moved towards the dance floor, his strides long and determined. Reaching out, he grabbed the woman’s arm and dragged her out of the dance floor. He was very mildly surprised at the tug of struggle from the young thing. His green eyes fell on her confused face and he immediately bowed to meet his lips with hers, swiping his tongue sensually along her cracked lower lip, the taste of licorice lingering on his tongue after. His arm swept down and caught her as she immediately melted into the sensation. Desmond smirked at the woman, raising a questioning eyebrow. He already knew the answer as the woman made no move to get away from his embrace.

No words. No more questions. Just excited girlish squeals from her companions. He just wanted to forget the night and this woman was his ticket to it. For surely, tomorrow night will be the same. Edgar will call him for a night out with Millicent. He will say yes because it was a tradition between the three of them that he could not break. He will say yes because it was his only was to see Millicent nowadays. He will say yes because his two friends do not know how he really feels. He is a fucking coward.