Divination of Love

So, I went to Mass earlier today.

One statement in the sermon has caught my attention.

When the cock decided to crow, Peter and Jesus shared a look. The look that Jesus gave him was the look of forgiveness.

Imagine that. Imagine having your best friend sell you out.

You know what I thought? The look of instant forgiveness and that look of pure love that Jesus gave Peter was a look of a lover.

My first thought was… Was Jesus gay?

Then there is that issue about Jesus having a very human affair with Mary Magdalene.

Then I thought about this quote that people should forgive easily since their creator forgives easily.

Then it hit me.

The Word was made flesh and became Man.

Not man. Man. Capital M.

For, honestly, for all we know, Jesus could have been a woman. For all we know, he changes his gender whenever he felt like it.

Because that is what love is, right? It does not distinguish gender not status nor color. It does not recognize any language. That is true love. Love has no definition. Love has no face.

For the face of Christ that we see so often could not possibly be his face during that time. He was a Jew. Old times. Israeli. Not a Caucasian foreigner. What if Jesus really looked below mortal beauty expectations?

I think that would be so great.

Because, if he does not look perfect and he is love in the flesh then it can be concluded that anyone can love anyone with as much passion as if that person was looking in the eyes of God.

Love a man. Love a woman. Love a pet. Love a city. Love a life.

How amazing is it that there are people who can give you one look and they feel that they are in heaven? How astounding it is to realize that someone can love you that grand?

How can you possibly not be able to love back? How can you possibly not be able to love Him back?

Love is the purest, most innocent, and free commodity in this world.

It is frighteningly beautiful.

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