Do you know why purple is my favorite color?
Actually, there are a lot of reasons but the most important is this.
The most enchanting night sky has loads of the color merged and swirled into the big mess of black and blue.
The stars twinkle. A million at the same time.

Stare into the enveloping darkness and be calmed.
There are lurkers, watching and waiting for your next move.
Stare until your eyes meet.
Stare until you see them smile.

Of all of the lurkers surrounding the darkness, smile back at the one that smiles first.
You are a lurker to he, nothing different or perhaps no?
Of all the lurkers surrounding yet thou is noticed.
Be proud.

Within the great mass of black and blue, hope for the purple.
Hope for the chance to be noticed.
Hope for a moment to be seen more than a lurker.
The black and blue is vast.
You only have so little chances.

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