One Wisdom

I know all the stars in the sky
I know all the creatures that walk the earth
I know why the plants wilt and die
I know why babes cry at birth

A genius you may call me
Famed for my intellect and grace
Celebrated at every auction be
Wished to be by any living race

I know all except one
A practice that I dare not speak
To be learned of it is grand
Wish there will be one who will teach

I have read every tome and text
On the techniques of social dance
Is there a book that tells what to do next
After she gives you her first glance?

I have studied and also taught
Strategies of battle and game
Do not ask for I truly know naught
How to capture the heart of a dame

To all who are hatefully jealous of my brain
For one skill, I would trade all that I know
For it is dust compared to what I will gain
To win her and stay until the last morrow

Photo taken at Gastown,Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2016 by author

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