Stop Whining and Get a Move On

Want to go that dream destination? Then, go!
Why not? ’Cause you do not have the funds?
Well, you can start by saving up the dollars that you use to buy from Starbucks everyday.

Wish you have more time to visit your mom? Go, visit her.
Why not? ’Cause she will just pester you about stuff?
Well, if your peace of mind is more important than the time she has left before she dies then leave her alone.

You miss someone? Go spend time with that person.
Why not? ’Cause you are swamped with work?
Well, I heard that lunch breaks and after work hours are called your designated free time for a reason.

Got no time for yourself? Then, make time.
Why not? ’Cause you got other stuff to do?
Well, I am sure taking a half an hour from your duties will not make a huge difference.

Want to be productive? Then, get a move on.
Why not? ’Cause you don’t know where to start?
Well, getting up from bed and tossing a coin works for some people.

Want to start that dream business? Go for it!
Why not? ’Cause you are not a business person?
Well, I heard there is this magical place called the Internet wherein you can get a load of information for free.

Want to publish that book? Start writing!
Why not? ’Cause you think you are not good enough?
Well, J.K. got rejected more times than it was socially acceptable before Harry became a famous wizard.

End point is we are all busy.
We all have time constrictions.
We all have our problems.
Work will never get any easier.
Time will never be enough.
Life will not adjust for you.
So, stop complaining and make use of what you have.

If other people managed then why can’t you?
Why not? ’Cause you what?
Well, maybe the problem is you.

No one reaches the finish line without starting somewhere.
No journey is smooth as silk.
No great story is created without conflict.

Time will never be enough.
Worst part is that it runs out.
So, if you want to do something then start working on it now.
’Cause, sweetheart, no one will do it for you.

Get up.
Make use of your resources.
Do your best.

And when you do your best, all results turn out good in the end.
’Cause you poured your heart into it and everything else that you do.
Anything created with a heart is good.

Makes lesser whiners, too. :)