Is my search over?

My search for ways to make a steady income from cryptocurrency has taken me on quite the journey. A journey that has forced to me to learn quite a lot in a relative short time. I have invested in projects that have given me nothing but a big loss. I have rejected other projects, which turned out to make it big because I was afraid to lose again. And I have found some that has given enough back for me to keep on searching for that big one. Now I might have found a reason to stop searching all together.

I can still lose sleep over the realization that I let GIN slip by without investing big at the beginning. Lately not so much, because I got a new gem in sight that I believe can achieve the same success. It’s called Secure Cloud Coin.

Technical stats of Secure Cloud Coin: *

Algorithm: Xevan. 
 Block time: 60 seconds. 
 Max coin supply: 25 million. 
 Current supply: 10.58 million. 
 Coins currently locked: 7 357620 million. 68%. 
 Current amount of masternodes online: 596. 
 Current ROI: 638%. 57 days. 
 Masternode collateral: 12345 coins. 
 Current price of a masternode: 330 dollars. 
 Current price of one coin: 0.026 dollars.
 Market cap: 287 765 dollars. 
 *From 11.09.2018.

Secure Cloud Coin (SC2) is a lightning fast, anonymous and secure cryptocurrency. POS with masternodes based on the Xevan algorithm. It has Swiftx transactions and uses the Zerocoin protocol. Bla bla bla…So far pretty much like anything else, right? So what is so special about this? Why should you read on and then invest in Secure Cloud Coin?

Fun fact: Cloud computing services and hosting markets is growing like never before. The demand will only get bigger. By 2020 it’s estimated that the market share will be at an incredible 150 billion dollars. Today it’s just above $100B. 
This is a market SC2 aims to be a big part of in the coming years. Secure Cloud Coin is creating a fast decentralized marketplace where you can purchase any kind of existing cloud service with the use of the SC2 coin. This will make your cloud services totally anonymous and secure, which is easy to imagine the benefits of. And by using the rewards from your masternodes or staking in SC2 you could basically cut the cost of running a cloud service to 0. Already it’s talks of making partnerships with Vultr and GoDaddy. In time they will aim for even bigger companies, like Amazon. 
 The platform is set for a beta release in December this year with the first full version releasing within Q1 next year. Already we can see pictures of the platform shown by the developers in their MVP found here:

This is what leads me to believe we have a new GIN on our hands. When GIN entered the scene the market was screaming for something it was currently lacking. Solid masternode hosting services. GIN was unique when it came to the scene, and in that same manner SC2 is unique with its business model and product. Being first in a niche market like masternode hosting paid off big time. Imagine what being first in such a market like cloud computing can do.

Secure Cloud Coin is a fairly young coin. Their genesis block was at July 16th. But the achievements have already been impressive. You can buy it on the CryptoBridge exchange. If you for some reason don’t want to buy a whole masternode and rather want to join a shared masternode there are plenty providers for that. If you don’t really know how to set a masternode up you can use services like GIN or Gentarium to help you do it. SC2 got a much sought after KYD verification in August. And you can find information about Secure Cloud Coin on many sites, forums and platforms already. Like Reddit, Bitcointalk, Twitter, Discord, Telegram,,,, CMC, worldcoinindex, coingecko, livecoinwatch, coincodex and coinranking. That should do it. They even got a Binance info page now! Hopefully they will be featured in the community coin of the month at Binance pretty soon. As you see the Swiss team has been busy working hard this year.

The roadmap gives the impression of an effective and to the point team. It’s a roadmap that the team has stayed true to and shows that sometimes it is best not to over complicate things. Keep it short and concise. The same thing can be said about the whitepaper. It’s clean and professional and on point. It gives you a good idea of what this project is, and if you feel the need to investigate further you can either go to the slickest explorer I have ever seen and find all the technical info you need there, or you can easily talk to the developers through Discord. Discord is another strength of this project. There you will find a good, committed and growing community with already over 2500 members all willing to help.

The same day I was going to post this the developers published an article about their project on Medium themselves. You can read it here: 
 That will clarify even more about the background and basis of this promising project.

I have been lucky enough to get one of the developers of this great coin along for a short interview. Here follows an exclusive Q&A with him: (I had more questions, but those got answered in his own article posted the day before mine.)

Who is involved in SC2?
- In the team we are the only developers. We have a legal consultant, and an economics and finance consultant. And our great Movalis. (Community manager)

Where do you see SC2 in two years?
- I see in two years SC2 as a good option to buy internet services for every cryptofan out there. If that can expand even to “everyday customers” that today aren’t involved in crypto, I don’t know. It depends how much crypto adoption will go on in the next years.

What would you like to see from the community in the future?
- I’d love that our early birds and Community folks will spread the word of SC2 in any possible context. Since we are a much different crypto from many others, we are born, and exist, for our product. We are not just “money”.

Are there any competitors?
- There are no competitors for SC2, and we shouldn’t fear. If someone will copy our idea, he will be late 6 months and lacking our huge Community.

Now stop your search and please join us here:



And read about us here:


White Paper:

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