Go Long on Web Components
Jani Tarvainen

I’m just getting into front end development. We (my business partner and I) have a product we’re developing based on Terraform, Ansible, and AWS, and we need a dashboard for it. No UI is complete without some sort of JS sugar in this day and age.

Favouring server-side, backend development all my life, the overwhelming options for front side development is hard to overcome. There’s a mountain to climb to conclude your selection in tools. This is before reaching the learning curve of tools themselves. Webpack looks powerful but is also a headache to understand. Browserify won.

For the dashboard, we’ve eventually settled with Bootstrap for the CSS and overall UI, erm, bootstrapping; jQuery for any custom DOM manipulation I need to do, as well as AJAX calls; and VueJS for handling automated, background refreshes of dashboard data as it comes in. These seemed like the most simple, stable choices that’ll see us through the next year, maybe two.

I’m happy with my selections.