Youtube Censorship? How about no?

The new Youtube program allows users to be more proactive in flagging inappropriate content.

Recently, the Youtube community were up in arms over a new policy (that’s not technically new) that restricts certain content from being monetized. “Censorship”, “Freedom of speech”, the community cried out; but what censorship?

Youtube aren’t censoring videos, if they were, they’ed just remove them. They wouldn’t bother with a monetize policy. Instead, they’re more or less trying to be friendlier to advertisers. Personally, I’d be embarrassed if my product was advertised on a ‘roasting’ video, especially an unfunny one. To me, this outcry is only proving that certain people are in it for the money, otherwise they wouldn’t care at all.

The latest news to cause a stir, is the newly announced Youtube Heroes program. Once again, the crowd scream “Censorship” and “Freedom of speech”. Now they might be right, but let’s face it, Youtube is in dire need of a shake up. The comments section in particular can be a real nasty place to be, depending on the popularity of the youtuber and the video. No one wants to be censored but at the same time, no one wants to be be inundated with comments like “kys” (kill yourself) or “f****t”.

Typical Youtube comment thread.

Youtube are trying to do damage control and it’s been a long time coming. The inappropriate comments, hate videos and such, does not make them look good. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a bit anarchic myself, but there’s a line to it. Freedom of speech isn’t calling people derogatory words and it certainly isn’t telling people to kill themselves.

I understand that the program could be abused by those with an agenda, but it’s still down to Youtube to decided what constitutes as breaking the rules. People shouldn’t so quick to dismiss the policy and the program because I think it could be the path to making Youtube great again.