Fake It Till You Make It With A New Logo

I’m not suggesting that you aren’t as good as you should be. A common misconception of the ‘fake it till you make it’ manner of speaking is that it’s about deception; Getting people to buy into you as an individual, your products, or whatever you’re selling, by trickery. That just isn’t the case, unless you’re a con-artist of course.


What happened to imagination, goal setting, and vision casting? Ok let’s get past the cliche terminology. What happened to dreaming about who you will be? We were born to imagine. As kids we dreamed that we could do exciting things. It’s time for small businesses to dream a little.


You made a start. Good for you! Any start is a good one and should be celebrated. Your customer service is improving. You are passionate about your product or service and are truly putting your heart and soul into your brand. Even your customers are telling you how much they love what you’re doing!

Don’t stop! The next big thing is just ahead of you and one thing holding you back is the logo you selected from a crowdsourced design site for a couple hundred bucks or less. It was good enough, but it doesn’t really speak to the company you will be in five years. It probably doesn’t even speak to the kind of company you are right now. Why would you let your logo tell the world that you’re slacking?


Here’s where we get to the ‘fake it till you make it’ part. Imagine with me.

Let’s take everything you know about your business, your customers, and your dreams of what your brand will be in five years, or ten. Together let’s put all of that into a new logo and brand identity.

With this new identity design you have just told your future customers that you ALREADY ARE the brand you’ve set your sights to become, and they believe you because you look the part. Now every sale, and every interaction your customers have with your brand is a chance for you to prove to them how good you will be. Aren’t you excited? Tell me you won’t have more confidence in yourself and your ability to turn your dreams into reality, because you’ve just done it!

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