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Today, the torch-lighting of the Twitter Mob caught my attention. The cause of the outrage was easy enough to spot: Gillette released an ad that targeted the prevalence of toxic masculinity within our culture. I’ve read multiple responses from angered individuals on Twitter, on Facebook, in YouTube comments, even on Reddit — and I still can’t pinpoint the heinous offense Gillette committed.

The comment I saw most frequently was something along the lines of “don’t tell me how to act,” and it is perhaps the sentiment I understand best based solely on principle: it can be frustrating having media constantly…

It’s December, which means the holiday season is happening full force. Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/other winter holidays are a time of charity, family, and giving. However, many of the stores we shop at, and the companies we buy from aren’t producing products ethically or sustainably. While we’re opening toys and trying on new clothing on Christmas morning, the manufacturers of these products are exploiting workers and resources across the globe. So instead of just going to Target and throwing bottles of body wash and plastic knick-knacks into the cart because you have no idea what to get your mom, take the time to…

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41st president George H. W. Bush holding a puppy. Bush passed away on November 30, 2018.

When I heard about the passing of John McCain, the Republican senator from Arizona, I felt sad — then, I felt guilty for feeling sad because as a proud Democrat, I should remember that I almost never agreed with him politically — then I felt guilty for feeling guilty for feeling sad because beyond the politics was a politician who more than anything else was a person. John McCain often did things and said things that I couldn’t agree with because, as a Republican, he was usually on the “other side.”

Last night, my phone lit up with an NPR…

By the time President Trump ousted Andrew McCabe in March of 2018, it was something of an ongoing joke: that seemingly every month or so, yet another cabinet member or bureaucratic official found him or herself on the wrong side of President Donald J. Trump’s fury. The aforementioned president has a penchant for pulling the trigger on his employees when things go awry, something we’ve all known since the days of Sean Spicer and Michael Flynn.

And in hindsight, we should have seen the conception of a dangerous pattern from the very first victim of the Trump administration, Sally Yates…

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Dr. Ford’s testimony.

The day that Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to law enforcement in New York, I was walking across the stage at my high school graduation. It felt poetic: while I was on the precipice of an adulthood in a fearless new world where perhaps things would be different, where anyone, regardless of race or age or wealth or status could (and would) face the consequences for sexual assault, he was preparing to spend the rest of his life dealing with those consequences. How freeing it felt to wake up the next morning, a bona fide grown up, to a life…

Kenzie Mullins

floridian. needed somewhere to put the word vomit. probably politics most of the time.

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