You’re LUCKIER Than You Think You Are

Did you know our brains naturally think more negatively than positively?

Not just when we’re seriously hungover, but literally all the time.

It’s called the negativity bias, and it means we focus on the negative things we see around us more than the positive things.

It means our desire to avoid pain is stronger than our desire to find pleasure.
Unless your name’s Dan Bilzerian.

It also means bad experiences are stored faster in our long term memories than good experiences.

And it means unpleasant thoughts, emotions, interactions and events affect us more than pleasant ones do.

Basically our heads can be full of negative shit. So consider this video an enema.

I know we all have problems in our lives. Jay Z has 99 of them.

But we often forget all of the good things, so here’s ten reminders of just how lucky you are.

1. You have money in your bank account.
It might not be loads, but it’s enough to live a normal life.

Even if you only had $2.50, that’s still more than what over 3 billion people on Earth are earning.

2. You’re part of the smartest species on earth.

I’m sure you’ve met some people with the intelligence of a dung beetle, but overall that statement holds true

3. You have access to clean drinking water, and you know when your next meal will be.

Just make sure it’s not one of those triple pizza burgers, unless you also want triple bypass surgery one day

4. You have a bed to come home to every night.

You fall asleep and wake up feeling warm, comfortable and safe.

Or shitting your pyjamas because you overslept and now you’re late for work.

5. You have the internet.

It gives you access to the totality of world knowledge.

Or memes, porn and cat videos, whichever you prefer.

6. You’re healthy.

You may not be the healthiest version of your self, but you’re healthy.

Plus, your body has the ability to get fitter, to heal itself when you get injured, and to fight off colds, flu’s and other illnesses. All whilst maintaining your other bodily functions, too.

7. You have friends and family.

There are people who care about you, and people you enjoy being around.

You also have the technology to stay in touch with them at all times. Although they should really stop calling it a phone because I ignore anyone who tries to call me on it

8. You know the difference between right and wrong.

You may still do the wrong thing occasionally, like laugh when someone falls over. But deep down you know it’s wrong!

9. You have happy memories.

Nobody can ever take away those mental treasures from you.

Dementors from Harry Potter obviously don’t count.

10. Finally, you can feel things.

Happiness. Excitement. Love. Calmness. Gratitude. Hope. Inspiration.

And let’s not forget all of those good physical feelings either ;-)

Of course there are times when we have to face the negative aspects of life too.

But the privilege of being able to feel everything is better than feeling nothing at all.

Most importantly, just remember there will always be things in life to feel good about.

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