Why I will no longer write for the Morning Star
Rabbil Sikdar

Thank you Rabbil for the unique angle that you bring to the table as you wrote about above with your unique self-identity. This overarches your views on global politics, especially what’s happening in Syria nicely. Sorry it didn’t work out for you at Morning Star. I didn’t realize that they shut you down, because it wasn’t a view they wanted to espouse. What a shame, but shout out to you for being a whistle blower. Journalism needs more people like you who are welling to get out there and tell the unabridged and unapologetic truth.

I too have written about my unique identity, and how I struggle seeing the pre world war I Russia and Soviet Russia and their world leader as all good or all bad. As news readers and world observers we all have our own internal and external struggles in finding truth instead of trying to be right or as Denzel Washington put it “trying to be first.” As a writer, you walk that line very well. By that I mean you do a good job of helping us seperate the layers of opression in Assad/Putin, the rebel fighters, anti-Americanism, and the west in your writing. Best wishes in your next writing endeavor. I will follow you whoever you choose to write for next — or if you decide to go independent — I will follow you.

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