If Lob City deteriorates than LAC will never have a King.

According to The Undefeated’s Mike Wise, James has no intention of joining the Los Angeles Clippers. This news may hurt the feels of those in Los Angels, but sadly for Clippers fans, this news isn’t even the worst part of the week.

Blake Griffin’s free agency stock has appeared to gain traction in this free agency market. The Celtics and Nuggets are fighting in a back alley currently for the remains of Blake Griffen. Chirs Paul summer of teasing teams like a cheerleader manipulating a hipster for their Che Cosa coffee gift card, in the Spurs, and Rockets. Don’t give in LAC a 32-year-old 6-foot tall guard is not worth a 153 million dollar deal. Let him go kill the fun of basketball for another foolish team NBA. Most surprisingly, J.J Redick has also gathered a quite buzz. The Sixers and Nets, two teams in desperate need of a catch and shoot guard, appear to be aggressively going after the 33-year-old Clipper.

If Blake Griffen, Chirs Paul, and J.J Redick leave it will be the end of not only Lob City, but the finishing crushing blow to LAC fans ever have their dreams realized in seeing Lebron James in a Clipper uniform. Leaving Clippers fans with only the past to hold on to… which is not much of anything but wasted opportunity.

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