Bell 407GXP to provide utility operations to Canada-based Newfoundland Helicopters

Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, is delighted to announce that it will deliver a Bell 407GXP to the Eastern Canada-based charter company Newfoundland Helicopters, Ltd. this month.

Newfoundland Helicopters charter aircraft services comprise of corporate travel, forestry, hydro, mining, filming and photography, and tourism. It is the first company in Canada to receive a Bell 407GX to be used for utility operations and will now have the improved performance characteristics of the Bell 407GXP for their utility missions.

“With the delivery of the new Bell 407GXP, they are poised to continue leading Canada with the latest advancements in safety and aviation technology,” said Anthony Moreland, Bell Helicopter’s vice president of North America sales. “The addition of the Bell 407GXP to their fleet is an added enhancement for our long-time Bell customer. Newfoundland Helicopters has come to rely on Bell Helicopter’s high-performing aircraft and customer support services, just as their customers rely on them to perform their various missions.”

Newfoundland’s entire fleet includes four Bell 206LRs and the Bell 407GX. President Jim Brown selected this modern aircraft because of its proven track record, low operating costs and cutting edge technology.

“The Bell 407GXP was chosen as the new addition because of added functionality, reduced pilot workload and enhanced safety levels,” said Jim Brown. “We are proud to be the first utility operator of the Bell 407GXP in Canada and showcase its modern capabilities. We look forward to receiving the aircraft later this month.”

The Bell 407GXP incorporates consistency, speed, performance and maneuverability with a cabin configurable for an array of missions and payloads. Its M250 Rolls-Royce engine enhances performance and fuel efficiency delivering class-leading performance. Its cabin has five club-passenger seats with an added passenger seat in the cockpit in single pilot operations. Besides, the Bell 407GXP also provides a calm and smooth ride in almost all weather conditions.

Originally published at on April 11, 2017.