Bombardier’s C Series aircraft received 2017 Civil Aviation Laureate Award by Aviation Week Magazine

Aviation Week Magazine has awarded 2017 Civil Aviation Laureate Award to Bombardier’s C Series aircraft.

“Bombardier’s C Series is the first clean-sheet narrowbody airliner to enter service in more than 20 years,” remarked Aviation Week editor-in-chief Joseph C. Anselmo. “In selecting it for this year’s Civil Aviation Laureate, our editors noted that its incorporation of cutting-edge technologies raises the bar for single-aisle aircraft.”

“The C Series aircraft is a once-in-a-generation accomplishment,” said Rob Dewar, vice president, C Series Aircraft Program, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “Its success is a testament to the hard work of a top-tier aviation team. With creativity and dedication, the Bombardier team designed the C Series from nose to tail and developed one of the greenest, most efficient and most passenger-centric aircraft the industry has seen in decades.”

The C Series aircraft combines cutting-edge aerodynamics, technology and materials to respond to challenges like lowering operating costs, rising connectivity, and ensuring a more sustainable future.

“I am confident that the C Series aircraft will continue exceeding customer and passenger expectations,” continued Mr. Dewar.

The C Series aircraft, is manufactured by the C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership, an affiliate of the Bombardier Commercial Aircraft segment of Bombardier Inc has radically changed the aviation industry. Bombardier has designed an aircraft with one of the highest lift-to-drag ratios in the industry, resulting in best performance. Apart from this, the exceptional combination of the C Series aircraft and the Pratt & Whitney engine delivers reduced emissions, noise, fuel burn and ultimately the lowest operating costs. The Bombardier C Series experts used advanced materials to create a modern and revolutionary structure, making the C Series aircraft 12,000 pounds lighter than competitive aircraft. The C Series aircraft is also set with one of the most advanced Aircraft Health Management Systems (AHMS) in the industry. This system transmits real-time and recorded data from the aircraft, allowing operators to make better decisions on aircraft performance and maintenance.

Originally published at on March 6, 2017.