Founders Space: Startup Pitch Day

Throughout the year, Founders Space invites entrepreneurs to pitch their businesses to a Global Investor Network, which includes angels, VCs and corporate venture capital. Founders Space chooses only the top 5% of startups who apply so if you find yourself accepted, consider it to be an honor.

Founders Space is ranked a Top 10 Accelerator in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. They are known for attracting world-class startups, investors and corporate partners. Below is a list of some of the startups that have been in the co-working space:

Nov. 14th, 2017: Founders Space Pitch Day Review

Chompff Consulting was invited to attend Founders Space’s most recent event in San Francisco, Ca. Chompff Consulting supports investors in identifying top-of-class projects and VC firms, and bridges the gap between China and the United States to help investors succeed. We are also passionate about advising entrepreneurs throughout the processes of starting a business including structuring, funding, and strategic management so we were very excited and honored to attend the Founder Space Startup Pitch Day.

With only six minutes to pitch your business, first impression is truly everything in this moment. As potential investors, we are looking for a few different items when watching an entrepreneur pitch their business.

  1. Did you clearly hit the key items all investors are looking for?

We want to hear the problem and unique solution you have discovered. We are looking to see that there is a proven concept in the market and that the business has clearly defined how to target the market to produce sales and revenue. Investors do not want to spend time searching for this information so it should be clear and concise within the pitch deck.

2. What industry are you focused currently in?

Investors have specialty markets just like your business has a niche market. We are looking to see if there are other potential vertical markets your business might fit and if our investors are seeking the industry you’re currently in.

3. Is this a business we feel passionate about?

We find that an investment is a marriage. We want to be long-term partners with those we invest in. We are as motivated as you are to help build the business when it is something all parties truly care about the product or service.

Businesses To Watch: Who Caught Our Eye

Out of 23 business pitches, Chompff Consulting found a few startups that caught our attention.

Minubia — The Easy Way To Manage Mobile Teams

The Minubia Cloud is the central brain of all Minubia solutions. It is a Cloud Based Database that contains all Enterprise data such as Customers, Products, Tasks, GPS tracking, Orders, Messaging and Employee information. The main goal of the Minubia Cloud is to centrally manage enterprise information, receive real-time input from users and distribute the right information to the right users.

Mastly — Motivate Team Members with a Stake In Your Company

Founded in 2015, Mastly creates tools and shares knowledge that aligns founders, investors, and team members. We are modernizing the antiquated stock option system by offering a replacement that is simple, fair and inspiring to everyone.

ModuleTrade — Democratizing Global Trade with Blockchain Technology

ModulTrade connects small enterprises to global trade via four main components: Blockchain based Smart-contract platform, Trade related services platform, Trade & Reputation Network, and Marketplaces.

All presenters did a great job defining their business, expressing why they are unique, and showing the passion they have for their new startup. Chompff Consulting is looking forward to the next event and group of entrepreneurs looking to make a difference.

Complete List of Presenters

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