Everyday you see random people who you don’t know. There are people with lives full of joy and others with lives full of sadness. Each one of those people have a different background and different personalities. Getting to know others and learning about those individual personalities can broaden your perspective of life. Let me tell you about this one girl. Her name is Hannah Thornton. Hannah is a normal girl. She isn’t a star athlete or a super genius, she is a very intelligent girl though, but Hannah is extraordinary in her own way. First off, she is one of the nicest people in the school. Hannah never says anything bad about anyone and seems to always honestly compliment people. Hannah’s own words prove this as she stated, “I compulsively take care of people, and if you come to my house, I’ll make sure you have lots of food and water, and if you tell me to stop taking care of you I will be sad.” The incredible kindness she has is a good combination with her fantastic leadership skills. While her skills can probably be seen in many aspects of her life, Hannah’s leadership abilities really shine through in marching band. One of three drum majors, Hannah helps the band director with many various tasks, ranging from daily attendance to keeping the tempo of the band in a show to solving social problems within the band. Being a drum major, Hannah is one of the first people to arrive and one of the last people to leave band rehearsals. All the added time at band shortens her amount of free time, which is already shortened by the homework from her AP classes. Like it would for anyone else, the workload from school and band can put strain on her to the point of tears. Fortunately, Hannah has a loving family who she can take comfort in. “My family is real tight. We’re best friends,” she says. While many teenagers may take their family for granted, Hannah, on the other hand, says her family is what she is most grateful for. Her love for her family, kindness toward others, and leadership skills are only a fraction of what makes Hannah special. Writing about all her other amazing qualities would take way too much time. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to appreciate the girl who is Hannah Thornton.

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