The Cave

“Who’s there?” a genderless, toneless voice echoed softly throughout the pitch dark tunnel as goosebumps rose across every inch of my skin.

Even though I knew what I had to do, the temptation to run back outside was almost too strong to resist. Gulping as if to swallow my fear, I raised my foot and carefully put it down in front of me to not make a sound. “I know you’re there. Don’t try to hide.” The chilling voice seemed louder, closer this time. The little residue of light from the far off opening just barely lit the cave for me to see the outline of the rocks and the bones strewn on the ground. As fast as I could, I reached to my side and grabbed the hilt at my belt. A skittering sound started and grew louder with every passing second. As I looked ahead, the pitch black walls seem to somehow grow darker, and that darkness was creeping towards me. By this point, every single one of my cells was telling me to run as fast as I could back outside to safety. I took a depth breath in and calmed myself. I had to do this. I needed to do this for my sister. A small shing sound sliced through the air as a dull glow lit the cave. “So you have chosen to fight,” the voice said. “Very well. They shall have a nice feast tonight.” Right then, the darkness attacked.

As black onslaught came, I finally saw what the darkness was made of. Spiders. Thousands of spiders rained down on me. The silent black attackers almost left me paralyzed in fear. The next moment I swung my sword at the darkness, trying but failing at defending myself from the arachnids. I felt the prickles of their little legs as they crawled on me. Thinking as furiously as I was swinging my sword, I knew I needed to get them off me before they got into my clothes and started biting. As the scuttling legs neared the edge of my clothing, I felt for my right shoulder. Carefully, my fingers pried open the pocket. Not an easy feat when my right arm still flailed about, trying to fend off spiders. Spikes of pain started near my ankles and wrists as the spiders bit under my protective clothing. I threw my left arm down, and the muffled sound of glass shattering was the only noise to be heard.

The spiders froze. Holding my breath, I shook my whole body. A soft sound, similar to rain, filled the air as curled up spider bodies slid off me. “So you have the strength to defeat my children,” the voice hissed. Muffled thuds resounded in the cave. “What is your goal for coming into my cave?” the voice was now noticeable closer. My throat felt closed up in fear. “I need your help,” I forced out. “I need something from you to save my sister.” I saw the body of the voice. Covered in black hair, eight long legs angled up to connect with a huge cephalothorax. “HA! As if I would help you now after you killed my children” the figure retorted. “The only thing I’ll give you now is a long painful death,” and with that, the monster lunged.

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