A method for Finance plan as Christians

In the scripture in Luke 16:1–13 is about the parable of the shrewd manager. Your management of your finance can have an effect in the outcome of your goals in the future. There is a scripture that says “write the vision on the tablet.” I believe to write goals and stick to the plan; can help you to get there. What do see yourself in 10 or 20 years later? This wise prepares ahead.

Some ideas:
- Start first small steps and write your goals;
- Check if the goals are realistic;
- Have a written financial plan;
- Spend less what you make or receive;
- Income to 10% tithe, 10% short term, 10% longterm & 70% expenses;
- Ratio of the percentages can be adjusted to your goals, situation, culture, season family etc.
- Expenses, I considered it also living expenses (house/mortgage);
- Have emergency fund, short-term savings and long term investment;
- Eliminate the bad debt, especially the ones with high interest rates. A loan with a good purpose could be useful, however consider wisely if it fits in your budget plan. Basically, don’t let the debt overtake your financial. 
- Monitor and evaluate the finance plan.

What inspire me to say this; I believe these points help me reach my goals, maybe it helps you as well.