My first story ever

This is the first time I’m going to write a little story. I don’t know how it’s going to go, but I’m taking this time to get better at writing English and share some student moments.

I have learned a lot since I started university I think it was the best move I could have made. At 25 years old, It may have been a bold move, but I felt I wasn’t in the right field and so I decided to start school again in Computer Science.

Starting school again

Well, at first it was rough, I hadn’t studied for at least 3–4 years and I had to get back in the game if I wanted to compete with all you youngsters who can learn easier and faster. I had to put a little extra effort into math class especially.

I didn’t have a really good average in high school and no motivation at the time. I had a huge fear of university in high school and even before starting my first semester, because I thought only genius kids were allowed in university.

During school

I think the hardest part of school was to do only what was I asked to do. I always wanted to do the best I can do and show that I can learn anything. I always wanted to push my projects at school to implement more features than they asked for.

Instead of doing that, because I realized it didn’t have much value added, I started to contribute to open source projects. I had to find a project that I was comfortable enough to contribute. I looked up a lot of projects on GitHub in all sorts of languages, including : Java, C++, C#. I did not have any course on C# so I decided to give it a go and learn the language.

During that search, I started to build apps on Microsft Azure for fun and to see the platform, mostly playing with OAuth and OpenID. After a couple days I was able to find a project I think that I could contribute to: I had to look up the code, their coding rules, the format, anything to be part of the “team”. After a couple hours in the working and I was able to implement Wargaming OpenID with some help from the maintainer of the project. I was proud of myself when the pull request was accepted. I was able to put it on my resume and be more competitive when comes the job searching.

Internship free time

I had two internships, 4 months each, and during these two I was able to learn MongoDB in my free time. I took courses on Coursera to get better in algorithms, in object oriented programming, new features of C++11 and math of course.

I always find time to learn new thing. There are some things that I want to work on, I want to read more. Reading is really good for learning new things and writing better stories :D. I started to read: The Clean Coder, almost half way done, it is a really good book. I have learned to be a lot more professional in my behavior with other programmers and it helped me in every day of my life.

Now that I am almost done

The extra effort I did put is a big reward now that I’m almost done with school and with plenty of job opportunities.

I will never beat myself up enough for not starting university before. I feel stupid now when thinking about the past. I should’ve put more thought about CEGEP and university when I was done with high school, but no, I went to work at Maxi instead, and played World of Warcraft for too many hours, yup best decision of my life right there!

Anyway, now that I am almost done I have some interviews in the way, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Pivotal Labs and will be interviewed by Google in a couple days.

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