I Saved My Life and My Bank Account by Giving Up Alcohol
Stephanie Ashe

When I was in grad school, I experienced FOMO where I felt like if I didn’t go to every social event it would hurt my career (these are my future colleagues! I need to socialize!). I would spend $80-$100 a week on happy hour, eating food out that I didn’t need, and going out on Friday and Saturday drinking in a decently expensive city.

It was really fun! I think it got me through a tough transition. But after a while, I just needed to stop. I started to save each week what I would have spent and I was able to afford a solo trip to South America staying in a hotel alone where I could buy $10 bottles of amazing wine. That money should have gone to better things but it wasn’t just the money- my GPA went up, I felt healthier, and my skin looked better. Alcohol is really great, but not drinking is sometimes just so much better.

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