The hidden costs of Barker’s €150 plate reverb and solenoid percussion system

I’m always interested in stuff around ‘work’ and/or ‘labour’ around DIY music scenes and how it intersects with wider criticism of capitalism etc. I wanted to note and share a handful of resources that you might find as useful as me.

A key term within my practice, and the broader music communities I identify with, is DIY. But what does this mean?

I’ve previously talked about how to set up Tor Hidden Services, at home on a Raspberry Pi. As I’ll be moving around soon and not have a permanent base to run such a mini-server I have been thinking about what to do.

In my previous post I migrated from a Raspberry Pi home server to Google Compute Engine for the purpose of hosting Tor Hidden Service versions of my websites. This was primarily as I will temporarily not be able to run small home servers rather than due to any particular limitations of a home based setup.

Introduction I’m briefly introducing this text as it is taken directly from a supplement I recently published with TQ#15. It was quite spur of the moment, having wanted to try and collect some of these thoughts for a while now, so I contacted Andy and he was up for it and it all came together quite quickly. It’s likely to be out-of-date quite soon, but it does represent a current snapshot, of the problematic flows of power and capital that run through our practices of recording and releasing music on-line.


Last year I Onionised Bandcamp, that is to say I used EOTK to set up a Tor proxy to Bandcamp.

I’ll be playing NottNOISE (Nottingham) on Monday 16th March.

A Telegram bot performing a collaged stream of bits and bobs

Interface of @jehovasfitness_bot
@jehovasfitness_bot Interface

A tutorial on turning Peter Blasser’s ‘Paper Circuits’ into files needed for Printed Circuit Board manufacturing.

Murray Royston-Ward

💿 The House Organ 🎛 Tripping on Wires 🎵 Murray Royston-Ward ➕ The Sons of David Ginola ➕ Jehova’s Fitness

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