Two months at Globant: I love the fruit bowls and the hammocks

Today (November, 24th) I am a little bored, that’s why I decided to write something about me and my experience in my new work in a company with a different overview than the other companies I used to worked for.

Be a glober it has been a nice experience… I’m currently a Java developer (my official position in the company is Software Designer, something like an architect) for Disney’s account.

But, what do i like about being a glober? Well that’s an easy question: I love the work philosophy, yes the way the company treats his workers, obviously there are many companies with the same or a better work environment, but I believe Globant is making the things the right way.

What I meant by saying “the right way”? There’s 4 simple things I need to have in a company to feel myself free and be the most productive dev I can be:

Total ownership of my time: “I’ll start at dawn”

Feel free to plan my day, my lunch time, etc … In my last job, we had a blood sign work schedule, you know 9am to 6pm with an hour for lunch. There was no time to do other stuff to improve my knowledge or just to read. At the new company I’m the owner of my time.

I can’t spent all my time to be in a office, everybody needs balance … the right balance between social life, family and work, Globant gives mes the possibility to control my time.

No restricted network: “Vive la revolution!”

Yes, I know there’s a lot of problems with filtering classified information, but come on we’re developers we need to be able to open StackOverFlow, Medium, some Wordpress blogs, github, gitlab, techranch, etc… any kind of source that can help us to solve the problems we’re working on, to look for new technologies and ideas. I really believe we need to TRUST in the person, in any individual human being … A restricted environment leads to anarchy, a “restrictions controlled” environment leads to loyalty.

A person with something to lose never will try to go against the system, someone without something to lose can create a revolution

The network in the office has a few restrictions, like github (when I realized was restricted I laugh … but with the clients vpn I have full access) but is nice to have freedom.

The workspace: “Nap time in the hammocks”

I’m a person with OCD and some times is really hard to work inside an office, for example I hate to work in totally closed rooms, the classic office without windows and the air conditioning switch on all day. I need to feel comfortable in my workplace, have places to chill, to reboot, to clean my brain when I’m stuck in a problem… A workspace with color is nicer then the classic blue and gray.

Hammocks, a pretty green and gray combination, a lot of windows and an INCREDIBLE VIEW!

The challenge: “Bring it on!”

If the project isn’t challenging, I get bored… If I get bored I’ll leave the company, easy as that!

Somebody could say my reasons aren’t enough … for me they are. There are some other (not so childish) reasons, for example:

  • A good salary
  • The company hears their workers
  • Social conscience
  • Good challenges in projects for big companies like Disney, Swiss Bank, Google, EA Sports, etc.
  • Tech events
  • The possibility to change your residence.

And some others and those are the main reasons why I accept a job at Globant, I’m happy and I think I can stay here for a long time.

Thanks for reading!