Thoughts on iOS9’s Multitasking

Patrick Rogers
Apr 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Here is how multitasking on devices should behave on all mobile devices. Most operating systems focus on letting you quit the one or two most recent apps. Apple’s latest iOS9 is an example of this. However just as it’s design has moved away from skeuomorphism so should its limited gesture capabilities. Now, with the introduction of 3D Touch, gestures are taking center screen and become more important to normal device work flows. Multitasking would be an excellent platform to show off this new features. Below are some ideas of how 3D touch and gestures could be integrated into iOS9’s new OS.

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Ever wish you could clear out all unpinned (we will get to that later) apps? Swiping to the left will show you all currently running applications on your phone or tablet. Swiping the opposite direction still does nothing. Also, it is interesting to see the design language completely swapped from the previous version of iOS.

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Most users have a favorite app. That what the home bar was originally created for, to allow you to access your most important apps anywhere on the homescreen. The same goes for multitasking. Trying to make your phone or tablet run faster involves swiping up and deciding which apps to quit while only a sliver of the screen is visible.

If swiping up is to remove, swiping in the opposite could perform the opposite signal. Much like how swiping right to left vs left to right in Google’s Inbox will show either a positive or negative action for you to take an a piece of mail. In this case, I think the idea of ‘Pinning’ an app to keep it running is clear. Pinning apps could also keep them alive when you clear all apps mentioned above.

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This concept of pinning could also be taken a step farther. Much like how long holding on your home screen in iOS allows you to rearrange app order, long holding or 3D touching an app while multitasking could rearrange the order of apps that are pinned or show even more powerful options.

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