How To Prepare Yourself Well To Become A Divemaster

It is quite easy to fall in love with scuba diving and those who have done it more than once must have felt the need for more which is why you came across this article today. Considering the fact that you are looking to learn about the padi divemaster course Thailand has a lot to offer. So, having dived deep and under time and again, you have finally decided to take on your skills to the next level.

Now, taking on this course means you are definitely trying to crank it up a notch. So, you should know well and be prepared as to what to expect during your divemaster journey and how to make the most out of your course.

Preparation Is the First Step

If you don’t wish to look like a rookie, it is advisable that you brush up your former skills before you go water deep. Turning up well versed with your gear ready will create a good impression in front of your trainer as he will know you are willing to go hands on for this profession and not just leaning on your books and waiting to be tutored blindly. It will also give you prior confidence when you begin dealing with clients early as you have already backed up on some level.

Brush Up Your Skills

Before you dive underwater, it is always favourable that you polish your skills. You may not remember the last time you took on a BCD Removal and replacement underwater test. Of course, these are not the skills you practise every other day, but you should be able to execute these skills smoothly to be a diving professional. Your tutor will expect you to demonstrate these skills easily so that others can learn from you.

The best way to turn up prepared is to go to your local dive club few evenings and refresh your skills. Focus on the techniques with which you may have struggled before and try to fix them. If you practise your prior skills well, you will have a better hand to learn the finer skills.

Get Your Books Covered

There is a lot of diving theory to be learnt and unless you want to spend maximum time hitting on your books, it would be wise to read them well beforehand and turn up with a solid theory foundation. You can flaunt your knowledge well to your clients and that would put you in high regard.

Warm Up Well

It is useful if you ensure you are physically active and fit as you will be expected to take a physical test to ascertain that you are at ease and competent underwater. The tests are simple, it involves timed swimming, snorkeling and dive tows. Swimming regularly for a few days beforehand should serve well to beat this test.

Your Attitude During The Course

Once you are on the waters, treat your course like an on job training as you are soon going to be a certified professional. Your tutor won’t be spoon feeding you on this level ,so you need to be proactive, this doubles up the fun as well. The more proactive you are, the more your instructor will pass on to you from his experience. He is like your mentor and not your teacher anymore. For instructors, it is a chosen profession carved out of passion, so you are expected to display the same.

In order to learn padi course koh samui has many diving schools, one of the pioneers being the Dive academy. So, prepare well to learn well.