#22 Dear Fiera,

Love isn’t simple. It isn’t just a matter of me loving you and you loving me back. Love is far more complicated then boiling it down to an emotion portrayed as pure and overcoming and innocent and always filled with understanding and wonder. It’s not, and never will be like it’s portrayed in the media.

Love is a compromise. Love is compromising your safety by exposing yourself. Love is sometimes giving up or sacrificing, or learning to live with something because you cannot live without someone.

There are many things that we have had to compromise on. Loving someone does not mean excusing or ignoring flaws. Nor does it mean loving someone for their flaws, like a manic-pixie-dream-girl. It means looking at someone, looking beyond their flaws and realizing “Despite these, I love you. Despite your insecurity, your anxiety, your preference of steak (you love a well-done one, ew), I cannot live without you.”

You are my compromise. You are your own living, breathing, feeling person, and we still have our own individual identities. No matter how long we’ve been together, and how long we will be together in the future, there are always going to be things that drive the other person nuts. But it is because we love each other that we will look past these things and love each other regardless.