Mr. PICK IT Arabic App help Kids with Good Reading and Math Skills

Children’s education doesn’t have to sound exhaustive all the time. It can be interactive as well. Mr. PICK IT has blended fun with Arabic alphabet app for ipadand is nothing less than the best vocabulary apps for the iPhone currently available at Apple’s app store. These games, or you may call interactive learning apps, are designed in a way to keep the kid’s mind dynamic even outside the classroom.

As a parent, you may already know that toddlers learn better when they start to enjoy their study part. Since smart devices are something that attracts people of all ages including kids, one cannot deny the fact that if you blend a good amount of learning inside an application, then you’ll be able to encourage children to contribute more time in learning and performance.

The unique facet of Mr. PICK IT Arabic vocabulary app is in its different learning stage, which develops a keen interest in learning more. The key highlights of Mr. PICK IT Arabic vocabulary apps for iPhone are:

  • The application covers basic Arab curriculum and is designed for beginners & non-Arab students.
  • It includes ‘My Home’ feature which lets you learn the word of your choice.
  • It includes interesting stories which encourage reading fluency and enhance intellectual level.
  • Games are designed to master material such as- grammar practice, listen to the question, read an answer, meaning and opposites.
  • The app is equipped with coordination games which persuade a kid to think, observe and find a solution.
  • Fun filled activities like Drawings, characters and my camp space allows kids to read and pronounce words accurately.
  • Other than all these, we have also included progress report which tells which tells a valuable insight about your kid learning aspect.

Install Mr. PICK IT Arabic alphabet app for ipad and iphone today. It is a great way to formulate an ideal learning environment for children which is fun, colorful and knowledgeable.