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Living as an American today can seem as if air is being chocked from your body.

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming, complicated, and damn near impossible to manage, especially with the evidence that another recession can possibly happen in the near future.

The thought of another recession has created more anxiety and disjointedness in my life as I attempt to balance my career, create side hustles, reduce my student debt, avoid the pressure of purchasing a home while simultaneously being thwarted out of the housing market, attend my therapy sessions, create my self-care routine, and realizing that it is easier to travel to Mars than save for my retirement.

These stressors have placed me in a…

Like Erykah Badu’s song, Tyrone, “I’m [a creative] and I’m sensitive about my sh**” and this message is truly an inside to my soul with hopes that it reaches yours.

As a 29 year old, I often reflect the whirlwind of my twenties and it has been an era of risks, trials, and errors. After I graduated from college in the Midwest, I took the risk to move away from my home state to the east coast to a city that I never lived in, never visited, or had any familial connections within.

As a recent graduate, I tried to…

Paris Wilson

A belletrist who is writing from his own experiences.

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