The Age of Apple is Over
Austin Frank

Excellent clickbait headline. Less excellent conclusions.

The problem with this type of story is that it looks at a company like Apple through the lens of what happened in the past (often using tired business school bromides). Yes, Apple is a different company now, without the founder/visionary/figurehead of Steve Jobs. It is a mature company, that is now driven first by design, but – perhaps more importantly – by the many other voices in the company who can leverage the incredible skills and resources the company has access to.

Initiatives like HealthKit and ResearchKit in conjunction with an accessible wrist-based computer have the potential to revolutionize health care. Apple’s work on accessibility has improved the lives of countless people, and in the process set a standard for other companies to match. Apple’s commitment to privacy and sustainability are other areas that might be cynically written off as marketing, but are a refreshing (even innovative) reconsideration of how corporations can behave in the world.

A company doesn’t have to turn the world upside down every few years to be truly innovative, or even to have a massive impact on our lives. Taking amazing advances in computing and materials science and making them so seamless they seem “boring” shouldn’t fool anyone into thinking there’s no innovation going on. Remember what your beloved Steve said: “Design isn’t what it looks like, it’s how it works.” I think we will all be feeling the transformative impact of Apple for a long time to come, even if we don’t recognize it.

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