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Now that is one hell of a big statement, which you may have your quarrels about straight away BUT let me explain myself first (eh hem)

The majority of the problems we face are usually stuck in time, either past or future, not many problems actually stay with us in the present moment while you breath. …

For the past three weeks I've found myself feeling more 'alive', I've been writing like crazy (as you may of noticed), mind feels like it's on fire, suddenly things in my head have begun to fall into place. My next level is in my grasp and I'm going to get it and own it.

But 'real' life hits you, I say 'real' in this way because it’s how we’ve been taught to think that 'real' life is not the places that your mind transports you to, it’s not the stars in the sky, it’s not the universes you imagine, it is not you creating world recognised movements. …

24 hours just ain't enough time to do the shit that really matters! How can I put time into doing my own thing, increasing my knowledge, working on my body and stay connected to the people who matter to me. I'm sure some of ya'll can relate, there just is not enough time in the day or week.

I used to believe this so heavily, that was my damn excuse to me not getting through my checklist, mean while there are blog posts talking about getting 8 hours work done in 5, bruh how? (how sway, how? Haha)

Well let’s see, are you all caught up on Game of Thrones? Power? You well rested? Been out clubbing or drinking in the last month? Put time into the new Call of Duty or Fifa 18 game? All caught up on the latest Instagram posts? Yeah... Well it sure seems like you have more than enough time, so much that you was able to please your recreational side. …


Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same.

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