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Now that is one hell of a big statement, which you may have your quarrels about straight away BUT let me explain myself first (eh hem)

The majority of the problems we face are usually stuck in time, either past or future, not many problems actually stay with us in the present moment while you breath. Most problems have already happened and cannot be changed or they have not happened yet and may never happen. …

For the past three weeks I've found myself feeling more 'alive', I've been writing like crazy (as you may of noticed), mind feels like it's on fire, suddenly things in my head have begun to fall into place. My next level is in my grasp and I'm going to get it and own it.

But 'real' life hits you, I say 'real' in this way because it’s how we’ve been taught to think that 'real' life is not the places that your mind transports you to, it’s not the stars in the sky, it’s not the universes you imagine, it…

24 hours just ain't enough time to do the shit that really matters! How can I put time into doing my own thing, increasing my knowledge, working on my body and stay connected to the people who matter to me. I'm sure some of ya'll can relate, there just is not enough time in the day or week.

I used to believe this so heavily, that was my damn excuse to me not getting through my checklist, mean while there are blog posts talking about getting 8 hours work done in 5, bruh how? (how sway, how? Haha)

Well let’s…

Some people have gone through a rough time in life, some are still in that rough time, we all have our own stories of life hitting us hard, but you know what, you are still here today. I'm thankful that you are even able to read this post and I hope you are thankful to still be here today.

Let me tell you something though, the problems you’ve faced, challenges that have knocked you down and the people who’s intentions weren’t the best towards you, all of that is NOT YOU.

You may of gone through all of it, but…

Some of you may be saying "Well what do you mean Craig? Of course we are our own responsibility, durr." My response would be "well act like it?"

There are people being dragged out of bed, pulled through their day with almost no control over what goes on in their day, then plonked right back in bed, to repeat the whole day again.

We ALL want to be happy, have the best for ourselves and make our lives feel like it has real purpose and is not about being content with a below mediocre life.

Take real responsibility for creating…

My vulnerability that is... In a recent blog post I spoke about not feeling very vulnerable and not relying much on people could mean you are not vulnerable with that person.

I was wrong, which is a great feeling to know I’m learning more about myself and about being vulnerable and accepting I don’t know everything not even about myself yet.

I am vulnerable, but with who or about what? …

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Which is most important to you? Fame or Legacy? Being praised and worshipped or leaving something behind so powerful that generations will talk about or even live by it.

Legacy is my aim, and I hope in years to come I stay true to that. Legacy in my mind currently is everything, I want to believe I spread energy to all who I meet, unique enough for them to remember and strong enough to affect their lives positively, even if it is as small as a seed I leave behind.

I just want to ensure I can get people believing…

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Purpose is my strongest force, which can flip me out of my sheets naked, ready to go with the day. What’s the force that gets you out of bed? If you come up blank, then we gotta fix that!

It literally did not take me long to think of what keeps me going from dreaded Mondays, TGIFs (Thank God It’s Fridays) through to late wake up weekends, passion!

Passion will have you happy that a fresh new week started, it will have you up at ridiculous hours like you don’t love sleep, it will have you missing out raving on…

I've said so many inspirational and admireable things in my lifetime about my future plans and where I see myself, but with future plans, takes alot of consistent actions which make those dreams a reality.

We cannot simply be dreamers, we must transend the passion into becoming do’ers, surface them into reality, which yes will have us at stupid o’clock in the morning, grinding at our craft. But it’s either that or us filing the richest place in the world with more riches, the graveyard.

Are you consistently converting your words into actions? …

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Current fear: Public speaking *check*

So, let’s get that sorted. Firstly I quite like speaking my mind when I’m asked my views on a topic or subject in a small group, where you have the chance to almost rectify the confused faces on what the hell you are talking about sometimes.

But public speaking in large crowds just feels like you don’t have the convenience of observing and unscrambling the confused faces looking at you.

I really want to spread my motivational / life lessons to the public, but I almost don’t want to just 'talk' at people, I want…

Craig Riviere

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same.

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