A foundation for better things to come

Some people have gone through a rough time in life, some are still in that rough time, we all have our own stories of life hitting us hard, but you know what, you are still here today. I'm thankful that you are even able to read this post and I hope you are thankful to still be here today.

Let me tell you something though, the problems you’ve faced, challenges that have knocked you down and the people who’s intentions weren’t the best towards you, all of that is NOT YOU.

You may of gone through all of it, but all of those negative situations do not define who you are, they never have and never will. They just had to happen and it is up to you to see them, accept them and carry on with life anyway.

I’m not saying they don’t mean anything, because I’m sure many of the situations you might be thinking of were very difficult, hurtful, destroying and just plain shit. But don’t let the feeling you got from them take you over and make you think that you are 'shit’.

How you feel is not who you are, you are more than your emotions, you are more than the negative thoughts your mind creates, you are more.

I want you to begin to realise life is going to happen, good and bad you are going to go through them, but don’t resist what is meant to happen, just learn to take it on and remember no matter how rubbish some of the situations make you feel, they have not changed who you are, you are still an amazing human being with the potential to create ripples in this world.

Do not let life make you feel small, you are big, you are strong, you are special because you are you. The fact you are here today shows that all the things you’ve been through were never able to destroy you, even if at that moment they happened, you felt broken.

You have always been whole, unbreakable and able to take on all that comes your way, believe in yourself and don’t resist life, just let it happen and keep striving for the best.

Let the things that happen to you be your new foundation for better things to come, because they are beneath you, they are not you or on top of you.

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com