I would class myself as far from vulnerable, but it always has me wondering if that is a good thing. Yes, I would consider myself to have high emotional intelligence (control over my emotions), I get to consistently be a positive, silver lining thinker, but do I really get to feel? When I say ‘feel’, I’m referring to when it comes to people you are close to, if you are not vulnerable with them then do you really have an attachment or empathise with them?

In my opinion, it seems like being vulnerable with a person means you are likely to have some reliance on them, especially if they are your ‘go to’ person to share your deepest thoughts and secrets with. They would become your ‘excess’ pot that you pour into when you want to relieve yourself of your thoughts, emotions or burdens.

Being vulnerable has other parts to play, it can also be trusting your heart with someone and loving them without limits which can leave you in a sensitive state when you bestow such a precious thing to someone. But that is probably true love?

It seems to ask myself if I’m vulnerable or if I’m really ‘feeling’ opens a web of other questions, so I look forward to finding the answers in coming days, months or years.

Ask yourself, are you vulnerable?

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Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com

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