Photo by Tyrell Charles on Unsplash

Which is most important to you? Fame or Legacy? Being praised and worshipped or leaving something behind so powerful that generations will talk about or even live by it.

Legacy is my aim, and I hope in years to come I stay true to that. Legacy in my mind currently is everything, I want to believe I spread energy to all who I meet, unique enough for them to remember and strong enough to affect their lives positively, even if it is as small as a seed I leave behind.

I just want to ensure I can get people believing themselves as strong as I believe in myself and I believe in people in as a whole.

We are so amazing you can’t imagine, but if you can’t imagine you haven’t opened your eyes enough, from the things we’ve created, the stories we’ve experienced and shared, the kindness that we have shown to each other and the mountains we have shifted as inididuals and collectives.

History to the present day, has shown how wonderful humans can be.

Furthermore these wonderful feats include YOU as the reader, you may of been reading this post, thinking to yourself and admiring all those who have made a difference, but that ability to make a difference or create a shift so large the world feels it, lies within you and everybody around you.

Not one of us are the same as the other, we all have something unique to share, we all have a purpose to live out which lies deep within us, we are all inventors, leaders, blessed in our own way.

Let today be the day you believe in yourself that bit more to be on your way to making a shift in the world or at least somebody’s world, even if it is as small as making somebody smile.

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same.

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same.