Going to work, earning money and paying bills does not make you human

For the past three weeks I've found myself feeling more 'alive', I've been writing like crazy (as you may of noticed), mind feels like it's on fire, suddenly things in my head have begun to fall into place. My next level is in my grasp and I'm going to get it and own it.

But 'real' life hits you, I say 'real' in this way because it’s how we’ve been taught to think that 'real' life is not the places that your mind transports you to, it’s not the stars in the sky, it’s not the universes you imagine, it is not you creating world recognised movements. Life has been taught to us as going to work, earning money, paying the bills and using the pocket change to live a little.

Well I refuse to accept that form of 'real' life, I rather be with the fairies and live a life beyond imagination, a life that will blow even me away.

I know we were not put on this earth to revolve our entire lives around a piece of paper, money, man made object, man crafted 'real life’, it seems the more we grow up the more of ourwelves we lose if we accept that work and money is life.

Well how do you get a hold of what life should be? Me, I try to focus on what really matters, strip away our worries, demands, responsibilities, material goals and so much more which do not matter.

What is left? You and what drives you.

What makes life worth living, what makes life worth exploring, what makes life life. We all have that driving factor, that deep urge or fuel, even if some of us don’t think about it consciously, money is not what gives us life, we’ve just placed it in our forefront and made ourselves feel as if that’s what keeps our engines running.

Start focusing your energy inwards, sit and think to yourself what is it you really want out of life, be honest with yourself, share it with someone may be?

I’m sure you do not believe life revolves around money and if you agree, then live like it doesn’t. Do things that are not typical and feed your drive with activities that matter more to you.

My drive is becoming the best version of myself, something I cannot buy, something I cannot simply be rewarded or given as a title, something that will take hard work, something that will take trial, failure then success. But do you know why it is worth it to me? Because nobody else can do it. There will be no best version of myself anywhere in this world, so it’s either I do it or potential dies with me.

Indulge in becoming the true you with no strings attached.

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com