Is your environment defining you or are you defining it?

We all have a unique story about ourselves as we have all grown in different environments, even brothers and sisters under the same household have a different environment to each other.

Our environments are defined by how we are brought up, friends we keep around, schools we were in, jobs we choose, how we choose to spend our free time and many other factors. But one thing to keep in mind is that

We are a product of our environment

What or who you surround yourself with will shape the person you become, so it’s worth you taking a pause and thinking about what surrounds you… Do you see it? Did you like what you saw?

Would you say that your environment is a good definition of the person you are? Hard working friends / lazy friends? Challenging job / life draining job? Regular drunk nights / quality time with people you care for?

We have chosen the environment we surround ourselves in and we must be aware that it can shape the person we become, so when you take a pause and think about what surrounds you, if you didn’t like it, CHANGE IT.

Sometimes we need to be selfish to ensure we create the lives we want even if that means distancing yourself from friends / family you didn’t believe represent the person you would like to become.

We are in full control of our lives, so make it a good one!

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