Just not enough time in the day

24 hours just ain't enough time to do the shit that really matters! How can I put time into doing my own thing, increasing my knowledge, working on my body and stay connected to the people who matter to me. I'm sure some of ya'll can relate, there just is not enough time in the day or week.

I used to believe this so heavily, that was my damn excuse to me not getting through my checklist, mean while there are blog posts talking about getting 8 hours work done in 5, bruh how? (how sway, how? Haha)

Well let’s see, are you all caught up on Game of Thrones? Power? You well rested? Been out clubbing or drinking in the last month? Put time into the new Call of Duty or Fifa 18 game? All caught up on the latest Instagram posts? Yeah... Well it sure seems like you have more than enough time, so much that you was able to please your recreational side.

We cannot complain about lack of time to do stuff that matters when we have more than enough time to do things that don’t really matter. Well they matter, we all deserve downtime, but that’s a choice as to how much downtime you give yourself, a choice made by you, don’t blame the 24 hours in the day you was given for your lack of time being injected into your work and yourself.

The key word here is discipline, without discipline we will easily come back from work, catch up on Netflix, double tapping those pictures on Instagram and getting caught up in heavy banter with your friends. But that is time you’ve used up by choice to do things that are fun but are not necessarily helping you grow.

Priorities and discipline are necessary, evaluate your goals and activities, what are your goals, what activities do you need to do to get them done, are your current activities you are indulging in contributing? How bad do you want these goals?

Most of our problems are self created and have very little to do with a lack of resources externally, are you putting 100% into your shit before complaining about there not being enough time in the day. Game of Thrones can wait, Instagram posts are still going to be there later on and limit getting caught up in convos which don’t help you grow.

Don’t be a robot of course, all I’m saying is when you decide to work on stuff that grows you, give it 100% and the same goes for when you decide to give yourself downtime, give it 100% of you so you won’t feel like switching back to work is a drag, you are fully replenished and ready to work on you.

Your life is in your control, take full control and don’t externalise your problems till you can truly say you’ve given your work 100% of you and when you have and you still have so much to do, this is when patience kicks in, things will fall into place once you give it your effort and patience.

Forward no matter how small, is still forward, so keep going and take ownership of your time.

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same. www.mrpositivecr.com