Most of the problems in your life don’t deserve your time and energy

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Now that is one hell of a big statement, which you may have your quarrels about straight away BUT let me explain myself first (eh hem)

The majority of the problems we face are usually stuck in time, either past or future, not many problems actually stay with us in the present moment while you breath. Most problems have already happened and cannot be changed or they have not happened yet and may never happen. We should not fixate on problems stuck in time, its actually pointless, it does not serve us any benefits to allow your time and energy to be spent pondering about problems that no longer matter.

A lot of stress we face in life is solely down to the thoughts that swirl around in our mind like a storm, throwing around debris and uprooting parts of our lives, which has us holding on for dare life while carrying baggage trying run away from it all. A large amount of these destructive thoughts contain problems stuck in time, ones you cannot change or one’s that simply don’t exist.

Now life is peppered with ups and downs, we so easily welcome the great times and absolutely despise the tough times, so much that we replay them in our head wishing they didn’t happen. When the high and low moments popup in our life, they are not to be attached to, remembered yes, enjoyed in the moment yes or learnt from yes, but NOT attached to. Striving too much for one or the other can simply leave us in limbo, constantly feeling that things are not ‘ok’, and life just keeps squeezing lemons in our eyes, making it hard to see where life is heading.

We are drifting…let’s get back to these problems that are not worth YOUR time and energy. If a problem happened in your past, what could you possibly do about it today? Not change it, I’m sure you’ve pondered on how you could do that, even if you went back in time, the problem may repeat, may be what happened was meant to happen. (shock) Why would he say that? Because you are here today reading my blog post with at least ONE thing to be happy about. It seems like what you went through was not enough to bring you all the way down, but likely played an impact on shaping you a lil (just a lil bit). Now those problems in the future… they don’t exist, haven’t happened yet, and may never happen (looks around), you see where I’m going with this? We can’t waste our energy worrying about problems that may never happen. You need to understand that the time in the future is not yet promised to us and we could never prepare ourselves enough for what is to come. We can make smart decisions today and do our best with what we know, but we don’t know what we don’t know, I’m sorry, it’s true.

Our problems are simply a part of life, they are not meant to define the person we become, they simply shape the person we are. You are still strong, amazing, have a lot to offer and not broken. Do not let your problems use up the energy you have in you, because that energy can be used for greater things you can do and offer in this world.

We are not our problems, remember that.

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same.

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same.