Strongest force to get me out of bed

Purpose is my strongest force, which can flip me out of my sheets naked, ready to go with the day. What’s the force that gets you out of bed? If you come up blank, then we gotta fix that!

It literally did not take me long to think of what keeps me going from dreaded Mondays, TGIFs (Thank God It’s Fridays) through to late wake up weekends, passion!

Passion will have you happy that a fresh new week started, it will have you up at ridiculous hours like you don’t love sleep, it will have you missing out raving on a Friday night and it will even have you doing work on your days off.

Passion comes in all forms, exploring more of the world, starting your own business to solve a problem, growing your personal brand to begin making steps to creating a legacy, buying your first property, creating the best future for your kids or even challenging yourself to get some early gym sessions to craft that dream body and feel good health.

Our passions are simply things so important that they can get us excited about our days. They are our ‘why’ for doing our best today, because we should only be giving 100% to anything we get involved in.

We have one life, you can’t waste days putting out mediocre effort because the world is going to exchange that same energy back to you.

I want you all to find your ‘why’, your passion and if it’s not there create one, not simply because I asked you to, but because you want the best for yourself.

You will only reach your potential by not being content with life dragging you out of bed and having you thinking “is this life?” when that Monday morning alarm goes off.

Lead your life!

Aiming to be the best me possible so I can help you do the same.